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Training Opportunities

Come and personally work with acclaimed shaman and author James Endredy. Below are the 2017 course descriptions and dates. As always we also offer some of the events and training opportunities on an "as requested" basis. Which means, if you feel the call to participate in any of these activities simply contact us and we will arrange and coordinate dates with those intersted in each event. We look forward to working with you!

Entering the Vortex
The Embrace of the Earth Rite of Passage
Quest for Vision Rite of Passage
Sacred Fire Initiation
Ecoshamanic Instructor Training
Workshop Policies and Procedures

There is a rapid movement of consciousness spreading throughout the human community that places growing importance on holistic beliefs and practices. The science of physics is finding common ground with ancient mystical traditions. Environmental awareness is changing lifestyles toward cooperation with nature. People are leaving mainstream religions in search of a spirituality that celebrates and honors the differences between faiths, creeds, race, education, ancestral roots, and genders. Many that are realizing this spiritual reawakening are being "called" to learn the primordial way of the shaman.

The Earth Spirit Foundation is dedicated to guide people to enter the ecologically sound, holistic worldview of shamanism, which founder James Endredy has termed ecoshamanism. The ecoshamanic training offered by the foundation is task oriented, totally experiential, and extremely personal. In order to give form to the tasks of ecoshamanic training, the tasks have been broken down into 4 levels of consciousness - Mind, Body, Environment, and Spirit.

Your participation in any of our workshops and training opportunities directly benefits the programs of the Earth Spirit Foundation. Of your tuition, 100% of the net income (after expenses) goes directly toward the foundation's charitable projects. This is typically around 20% of the total fee you pay for the training.

Tasks at the level of Mind:
  • Dispel the illusion that the human "psyche" is somehow separate from the natural world by acknowledging and granting psychological status to our relationship with the natural world.
  • Overcome our deficient childhood psychological development stemming from insufficient reciprocal and harmonious relationships with the natural world.
  • Bring to light our current valuation and affiliation for the natural world so as to critically assess both our lifestyles and philosophical views.
  • Identify specific psychological imbalances in our relationship to the natural world.

Tasks at the Bodily level:

  • Reclaim the awareness that our physical body is the most obvious and intimate component of the natural world that we could ever know, and that alienating our selves from our body also alienates us from nature.
  • Realize that our physical health is continually impacted by the health or sickness of our environment and also by what our body is receiving as sustenance.
  • Reconnect with the inherited ancient wisdom held within our human body.
  • Learn that our body is capable of an awareness that is distinguishable from but complimentary to the awareness of our mind.
  • Develop and engage in shamanic practices to acknowledge that our human flesh is the same as the flesh of the world.

Tasks at the Environmental level:

  • Recover the moment-to-moment awareness that every one of our thoughts and actions are tied to the web of life that encompasses the entire planet.
  • Promote environmental education with a holistic systems approach.
  • Develop a deep and genuine connection and affiliation for the land where we live.
  • Learn to see a deeper reality by removing the facades and disguises that obscure the true identity of objects, situations, and circumstances.

Tasks at the Spiritual level:

  • Identify and heal the spiritual - ethical illnesses that allow for the continued degradation of our natural spiritual home.
  • Engage in spiritual practices that allow the controlling aspects of our ego to dissolve and our consciousness to flow outward in connection with the sacred elements and entities of the natural world: air, water, sun, fire, earth, moon, and also with the animating spirit of trees, birds, animals, insects, and flowers.
  • Develop a spiritual connection to the natural world that allows us to listen to and understand what the earth and her living entities are telling us.
  • Find our individual reconciliation with nature's cycles of life, death, and rebirth
  • Create and utilize spiritual ecoshamanic rites of passage and initiation in order to grow into wise and mature members of the earth community.

Ecoshamanic Training

The ecoshamanic training courses offered by the Earth Spirit Foundation are designed to provide the tools and experiences that will a usher a person into a new mode of being. They are more properly rites of passage and therefore we refer to them as initiations. Each initiation has specific goals and tasks for the initiate to accomplish. Instruction is given for completion of the tasks, but only the initiate can accomplish them and embody the knowledge contained within them.

Sacred Fire Initiation.

For most shamanic cultures the sacred fire is very much a force or presence that is found in all organic life. In this sense the fire is very much alive and carries within it the universal energy of not only our sun but the entire cosmos of constellations in such an immeasurable way that it is truly the spark that animates what we call nature and spirit. Intentionally bringing forth the fire and placing yourself within it's light and heat for extended periods produces altered states of consciousness that foster purification, protection, connection, and visionary experiences. Once the initiate completes this rite of passage the sacred fire will be an ally for the rest of their life and will walk with them wherever they go.


· Placing your total mind/body/environment/spirit awareness in direct contact with the fundamental energy of the fire for an extended period of time.
· Learning how to create your own authentic personal rituals of inducing and sustaining a sacred fire.
· Feeling the differences in the energy and mood of the fire as you provide the fire with different types of food (physically, emotionally, and psychically).
· Obtaining a merging of your perception with the fire so that the fire can provide you with vision(s) and songs.
· Realizing an experience with the fire at a deep enough level that the energy of the fire will travel with you in a way that you can draw on it to give you strength for the rest of your life.

Dates in 2017: May 20-21, June 17-18, July 15-16, August 19-20, Sept 16-17, October 7-8

Tuition: 200.00

Click here for enrollment, payment and logistics

Entering the Vortex

This powerful initiation opens the door to the ecoshamanic worldview of holism and cooperation with the world that provides us with life. We call this - entering the vortex - as we intentionally induce altered states of consciousness by extending our awareness and perception to include the entities and beings that we previously felt that we were separate from. The power spots in nature that we visit contribute in a profound way during this experience. The conclusion of this initiation is simply another beginning as you reenter the world with an enhanced sense unity, power, and vision. Prerequisite: A strong calling to learn the holistic ways of the shaman


· Learning the art of counter-practice and how to apply it to your everyday life.
· Inducing altered states of consciousness through ecoshamanic practice in nature.
· Learning to see in holistic systems within the spiraling reality.
· Forming new cognitive maps through bioregional awareness.
· Constructing an ecoshamanic temple.
· Making of offerings to attain balance with the spirits of nature.
· Learning to create ceremonies and rituals with the powers that rule the world - wind, water, soil, and fire.
· Learning the steps to fashion an animal spirit jicara.
· Making a first approach to ecoshamanic chanting.
· Experiencing an internal energetic cleansing with the sacred flame.
· Discovering personal ways to share in the unfolding dream of the earth.

.Dates in 2017: July 1-2, August 12-13, September 2-3

Tuition: 200.00

Click here for enrollment, payment and logistics



The Embrace of the Earth Rite of Passage

In thisinitiation we clean our connection to the world even more as we humbly open to the awareness that the consciousness we call "me" is actually an extension of an infinitely larger field of consciousness that creates our reality. This is facilitated by spending the night embraced by the living earth in a personal grave-like tomb that each initiate digs by hand. Intensive preparation before and during the rite insure the proper mind-set before entering the tomb. This nurturing and healing rite of passage is known to stimulate a wide range of altered states of consciousness that induce visions, out of body experiences, merging of perception with the earth mother, purging and healing of emotional wounds, heightened awareness of our mortality, collection of divine energy, profound feelings of unity and rebirth, among many others. Please note that this initiation has been safely practiced by several hundred initiates during the last 20 or so years by shamanic researcher Victor Sanchez. James Endredy was trained in the rite by Victor Sanchez over a five year period and since 1999 has adapted it for inclusion in the ecoshamanic training of the foundation and has facilitated it for hundreds of people. The practice is totally safe - no soil is placed on the initiates, you can be physically removed from the tomb at any time if necessary, and the facilitator stays awake and vigilant the whole night in close proximity to the tombs while feeding the central fire and offering blessings and prayers. The physical dimension to the rite is only one small part - it simply helps facilitate the altered states that are the main element of the rite. This rite of passage is so unique, empowering, and nurturing that by the end of the night most initiates want to stay longer in the ground before they rise from the tomb into the sun and "sprout" into a new form of being. For a complete description of the rite, including personal experiences from initiates, refer to chapter 7 of James Endredy's book on ecoshamanism. Prerequisite: A thorough reading of Ecoshamanism: Sacred Practices of Unity, Power, and Earth Healing, and a strong calling to transcend your perceived limitations.


Internal preparation at home for the Embrace of the Earth Rite.
· Making of offerings to the land and construction of the tombs.
· Preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually by sweat lodge cleansing, fire purification, water practices, blessings, and group work, among others (depending on weather conditions and the location).
· Passing through the all night Rite of Passage.
· Learning steps to integrate discoveries made while in altered states during the night.
· Making of offerings related to your personal experience during the Rite.
· Leaving the land as we found it.

Dates in 2017: July 22-23

Tuition: 250.00

Click here for enrollment, payment and logistics

Quest for Vision Rite of Passage

From time immemorial, prophets, mystics, and spiritual seekers of every kind have journeyed away from civilization to find answers and connect to spirit in the solitude of nature. In this rite of passage initiates lay themselves bare to the elements and the spirits of nature by fasting alone in a sacred place. Intensive preparation to set the personal intent of each initiate is of primary concern, as is the assimilation of the experience into your everyday life. This rite of passage is an offering that you make to the spirits in return for guidance and knowledge. Prerequisite: First or Second Initiation.


· Internal preparation at home for the Quest for Vision Rite.
· Spend at least 3 days and nights alone fasting in nature.
· Making of offerings to the land.
· Experiencing an altered state of consciousness by perceiving that while you are watching the land, the land is watching you.
· Deepening your ability to let the land sing through you with the ecoshamanic chant.
· Receiving visions and songs from the beings and entities of the land.
· Leaving the land as we found it.
· Integrating the experiences of the Rite into daily life.

Dates in 2017: This is an ongoing program during June - September. Contact ESF to request your date.




· Demonstrating to the spirits of nature in a most tangible way your desire to learn and develop a reciprocal relationship with the sacred place.
· Passing through the sometimes difficult obstacles in completing the pilgrimage journey.
· Making offerings to the scared place.
· Recounting the previous year (or your whole life) to the sacred place in order to gain clarity and perspective.
· Speaking to the sacred place about your goals and tasks for the upcoming year.
· Asking for guidance to complete your tasks and goals.
· Integrating your pilgrimage journey into your daily life.

The pilgrimage to a sacred place where powerful spirits dwell is a journey of unparalleled proportion. Through the making of powerful energetic offerings to the visible face of the spirits we humbly make ourselves "small" in the face of the great mystery. This opens us to receive our specific tasks in life, both short and long term. Prerequisite: Second Initiation

Dates: 2017 dates will be posted soon.

Ecoshamanic Instructor Training:


· In-depth learning of the philosophy, methodology, and practice of all 5 initiations.
· Development of speaking and facilitating skills.
· Embodiment of the ecoshamanic worldview as a way of life.
· Making of concrete offerings to the spirits that will guide your work with the public.
· Making of a formal statement of intent infront of your peers and spirit guides relating to your commitment of service to the human community and the kin-doms of nature.

This intensive 2 week training is specifically for those that have received the calling to impart the initiations and rights of passage of the Earth Spirit Foundation whether in affiliation with the foundation or as a compliment to an already established form of service. Counselors, educators, and the general public are invited. It is the goal of the foundation to train as many ecoshamanic instructors as possible in order to spread this knowledge worldwide, but not at the expense of the quality of training offered. Completion of this training does not guarantee your certification as a trainer. Each initiate will be evaluated on an individual basis. It is possible that some individuals may need supplemental training in certain areas. Initiates in this training are expected to help one another. For example, those that already possess skills in public speaking may be asked to help others that don't. Those that already have an intimate connection to the spirits of nature may be asked to help guide those that don't. It is the goal of this training to not only produce trainers that embody the ecoshamanic worldview but also have the skills and inner fortitude to successfully and authentically impart it to others. Although the core of the work is the in-depth knowledge and practice of ecoshamanic initiations, participants will also be required to present the material as if they were training others. This process will include video taping, critiquing, and refining of the presentations made by initiates in order to produce a high quality training experience. The basic prerequisite for this training is completion of the 5 initiations of the foundation. However, acceptance into this program will be made on an individual basis. For example, if you have previously passed through a vision quest experience with a quality school such as the School of Lost Borders you may not be required to complete the Third Initiation. Under all circumstances participants are required to complete the Second Initiation and the formal application process before acceptance.

Dates: Contact ESF for more details.

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