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Welcome to the Earth Spirit Foundation

The Earth Spirit Foundation is a newly forming non-profit organization dedicated to teach, revive, and preserve earth-centered spirituality and sustainable culture. The initial goals of the organization are to:

· Offer educational opportunities so that people can experience and share the healing and personal growth applications of Ecological Shamanism.

· Develop programs specifically to help revive and preserve indigenous knowledge, culture, sacred sites, and languages throughout the world.

· Continue research into how ancient earth-centered practices can help resolve modern crises, and ways that modern people can reciprocate by helping heal indigenous cultures from encroachment and assimilation.


2018 Training Programs and Workshops benefiting the Earth Spirit Foundation have been scheduled.

Check out the list of charitable programs we are currently working on.

We are in need of volunteers with experience in the non - profit sector. Please contact us if you would like to help.

An important aspect of the Earth Spirit Foundation is to build community. We are looking for inspired people to join us in creating a community dedicated to the life-giving spirit of Earth. If you would like to join us at any level we welcome you to contact us.


Two of the integral components that make the Earth Spirit Foundation unique are the Crossroads programs that we offer have been designed with the input of actual indigenous shamans, and that the leading members of the organization will include shamans and Elders from existing indigenous tribes from throughout the globe working alongside modern professionals representing many fields.

At this time the founders of the institute are securing indigenous shamans and Elders of North America and Mexico to accept leadership roles in the organization. It is their hope that in the future the organization will grow in order to offer shamans from other countries to join us as well.

Until the organization is formally approved for nonprofit status (which it is currently applying for) the founders are donating their own funds plus fifty percent of all tuitions received from the Earth Spirit programs in order to get the organization started. If you would like to support the formation of the Earth Spirit Foundation we invite you to participate in one of our activities. Stayed tuned to this page in the upcoming weeks and months for the latest news as we build this important new organization together.

Our Charitable Projects and Programs

Our Training Programs and Rites of Passageon


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