Lightning in My Blood

Lightning in My Blood: A Journey Into Shamanic Healing & the Supernatural

Join James Endredy, noted author and shamanic practitioner, on a bizarre, brutal, and exhilarating excursion into realities that few people have had a chance to explore. Whether it’s discovering how to dream with the Lords of the Underworld or learning to fly with the help of his eagle nagual, outwitting a soul-stealing sorceress in Veracruz or conversing with the spirit of an ancient dwarf king, these gripping firsthand accounts chronicle Endredy’s mystical experiences while living and working with fifteen indigenous cultures in North and South America, Hawaii, and Mexico.

Endredy’s amazing, arduous, and sometimes life-threatening shamanic initiations and lessons illustrate the interconnectedness of all life, the importance of being humble enough to laugh at yourself, and the need to respect and learn from nature and her children.


James Endredy carries the old tradition of sacred storyteller, which he shares in a masterful way in his new book. His writing takes you into his experience so you feel a part of what he speaks, what he feels, what he learns about and sees. (Dr. Tom Pinkson)

Lightning in My Blood is an extraordinary accomplishment, a powerful book of wonderful tales from James Endredy’s life experience. Not only is he a compelling storyteller, but he is able to convey a great deal of information through his magical tales. (Jose Luis Stevens, PhD)