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The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer

by James Endredy

Illustrations by Maria Hernandez dela Cruz (Yulama), Casimiro dela Cruz Lopez (Rricacame), and James Endredy (Ulu Temay)



Click on the links below to see excerpts from the book in pdf. format (low res.). The best way to view these image pages is to simply adjust your pdf reader to 100% or less magnification.

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Index of Yarn Drawings:

The links below are to actual photos of all the drawings during their creation!

PLEASE NOTE: These images are copywrite 2002 by James Endredy and CANNOT be legally used for any reason without permission in writing. If you would like to use any of these images, simply contact me and ask for Permission.

8/14/12 - It has been decided that to further current projects these amazing drawings will be available for sale. These Huichol yarn drawings are of the finest quality and are simply stunning. All of them took between 2-3 days with both artists creating 8-10 hours a day in my home. That's how intricate they are. An average of 32 to 60 hours of mind-bending work depending on the piece. They are so precious that since they were created and scanned for the book I have kept them sealed and pefectly intact. All are signed by both artists on the back. There are 3 different sizes - aprox - 8X12, 12x12, and 17x12. There is much sybolism in these peices, please feel free to direct any questions to me or to purchase these one of a kind sacred items. These peices are worth more than I'm asking, if you feel it in your heart to offer more, it would be greatly appreciated. Or make an offer and we can discuss it. Each piece comes with a personally autographed book or two by the author.

Many blessings on Your Journey!

#1 Pilgrimage - 17X12 - 800.00

# 2 Chasing the butterfly 12x12 - 600.00

# 2a Tunuri is lost - 8x12 - 300.00

# 3 Tunuri meets the Blue Deer - 8x12 - 500.00 SOLD for 600.00

# 4 Deer runs away and flowers appear in his footprints - 8x12 - 350.00

# 5 Talking with Sun on top of Mountain - 17x12 - 800.00

# 6 Father Sun - 12x12 - 800.00 SOLD for 1,000.00

#7 Talking with Wind in Valley of Whispers - 17x12 - 850.00 (cover drawing)

# 8 Talking with Water at lake - 17x12 - 750.00

# 9 Talking with Mother Earth in garden - 12x12 - 550.00

# 9a Feeling Mother Earth - 8x12 - 350.00

# 10 Talking with Fire in cave and the 7 Blue Deer - 12x12 - 550.00

# 11 Grandfather Fire - 12x12 - 600.00

# 12 Back with human family - 17x12 - 800.00

# 13 Moon says good night - 8x12 - 300.00


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