International Reading Association 2004 Notable List
Americas Award 2003 Finalist

The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer:
A Huichol Indian Story

by James Endredy
Illustrated by Maria Hernandez de la Cruz and Casimiro de la Cruz Lopez

ISBN 1-59143-016-X
Bear Cub Books
32 pages, 11 x 8.5
Full color throughout


About the Book:

When young Tunuri becomes separated from his family during their pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of the Huichol people, he is not left alone, for an enchanted Blue Deer guides him to meet his other family: Father Sun, Brother Wind, Sister Water, Mother Earth, and Grandfather Fire (who lives in all the stars in the sky). Tunuri is then reunited with his human family and instructed to share with them, and with his people, all that he has learned about their relationship with the world of nature. Endredy relates this traditional tale of Mexico's Huichol Indians in clear, graceful prose that succeeds in communicating the message (as summarized in the closing author's note), that "Despite all our differences in lifestyle, we all share the same Sun, Earth, Air and Water, which means we are all connected in this sacred web of life." But it is the stunning yarn drawings by two Huichol artists that are the heart of this amazingly beautiful book, each one produced in a laborious, meticulous technique of pressing brightly colored yarn onto a board spread with beeswax. Holding the book in one's hands is like visiting a museum storing treasure after treasure of Huichol artistry: each picture is a joyful, vibrant feast for the eyes. This is a wonderful collaborative celebration of a threatened culture. - Children's Literature - Claudia Mills

"...highly recommended addition to school and community library Native American collections for young readers." - Mid West Book Review

"...a strong addition to folktale collections - School Library Journal

" excellent introduction to a contemporary indigenous culture - American Library Association (Booklist)

Casimiro, Maria, and James

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