Ecoshamanism: Sacred Practices of Unity, Power, and Earth Healing

by James Endredy



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Enter the Ecologically Sound, Holistic Worldview of Modern Shamanism

James Endredy, who has studied with tribal shamans all over the world, offers a rigorous and authentic new philosophy of shamanic practice called ecoshamanism. Rejecting the consumer/industrial worldview and the spiritual deadness that accompanies it, ecoshamanism leads to a fundamental shift in consciousness—first, by becoming aware of the sacred natural world and our role within it, and next, by forging a spiritual alliance with the sentient forces that sustain our planet. Using the powerful ceremonies, sacred rituals, and everyday practices in this guidebook, you can transform your life as you save the world.

The result and culmination of years of research and experience with shamanic traditions from around the globe, Ecoshamanism brings to the forefront of modern thought the hidden gems found in the vast banks of indigenous knowledge, and encourages all of us to seek healthier and saner lives by honoring and supporting the physical planet we live on and all its bounty.

What’s Inside—

Discusses what Shamanism is and isn't.

Introduces Earth Education as a hybrid of environmentalism.

Offers ways to reconcile our perceptions with nature's cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

Examines the synergies between bioregionalism, ecofeminism, eco-psychology, and ecoshamanism.

Relays over fifty authentic ecoshamanistic practices, including ceremonies, rituals, and chants.

Maps out a path toward a self-sustaining lifestyle.

A comprehensive bibliography to further your own studies.

“In this excellent book, James Endredy makes the case for understanding sustainable living practices and ecological awareness by incorporating the age old Shamanic tradition. Ecoshamanism is at once a powerful contribution to the shamanic literature and a call to action.”

—José L. Stevens, Ph.D
author of Praying with Power: How to Use Ancient Shamanic Techniques to Gain Maximum Spiritual Benefit and Extraordinary Results Through Prayer

“James Endredy has a deep respect for the sacred traditions of indigenous cultures. His work of bringing people closer to Mother Earth is an important contribution to restoring balance between the human community and the larger web of life.”

—Casimiro dela Cruz Lopez
Huichol emissary and illustrator of The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story

“When will modern culture remember that the land on which we stand is holy? Thank you, James Endredy, for the humbling reminder that while many of us on the spiritual path spend thousands of dollars flying off to exotic locations to get a glimpse of ‘Truth,’ Divinity itself is right outside our door, waiting to reconnect with us. Read this book and begin the remembering …”

—Hillary S. Webb
author of Traveling Between the Worlds and Exploring Shamanism